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Annimali fir-razzett

Fir-razzett (Maskil u femminil)

Annimali zghar

Iz-zghar ta’ l-annimali

Djar ta’ l-annimali

Hsejjes fir-razzett

Worksheets li jakkumpanjaw dawn l-istejjer jinsabu fl-artiklu “Ktejjeb bil-Malti” li jinsab fl-elresources. Tistgħu issibuhom billi tgħafsu fuq dan l-indirizz: http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/ktejjeb-ta-worksheets-bil-malti-ghat-tieni-sena/#more-35 taħt ir-raba’ taqsima.

Il-Power Point dwar “Ħsejjes fir-razzett” tispiċċa bil-kliem ta’ kanzunetta. Tistgħu tniżżlu din il-kanzunetta ta’ Marianne Agius (verżjoni mp3) minn hawn: Fir-Razzett

Xogħol ta’ Mrs Antonella Ferrante
elearning teacher

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Boowa and Kwala… A site full of fun, games and activities http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2010/03/boowa-and-kwala-a-site-full-of-fun-games-and-activities/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2010/03/boowa-and-kwala-a-site-full-of-fun-games-and-activities/#comments Tue, 23 Mar 2010 17:43:18 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=1750 The following website (http://boowakwala.com/) is a fun packed site full of games, songs and activities suitable for kinder classes and early years.

Boowa and Kwala, the main characters featured in this website, accompany the  children in the various activities.The site is available in English and French, so login using the
English version (click on the icon as displayed below)    

The site offers a number of options to choose from:  

 In the presentation section children meet the main characters and get to know them. This section also provides some games such as finding the differences in pictures, jigsaw puzzles about the character’s family, their family photo album, etc.

In the 818 games section you can find games dealing with various topics including stories, animations, songs, musical games, jigsaws and shapes just to mention a few. Browse through this section for more fun and activities.

From the songs section teachers have 94 songs to choose from. The songs are short and can be used to introduced topics to children or just to add some fun to the lessons. With early years songs can act as a breather for children to refresh their concentration.

In the Around the World section one can find a number of stories. These stories are narrated sentence by sentence. The children may listen to the narration over and over again. These stories may be used to expose the children to vocabulary or to introduce particular topics covered in class.

The site offers colouring pages that can be printed. Another interesting section is the galleries section. Here teachers can upload children’s work on the website. However to do so you must first register yourself with the website. All it takes is to create an accound and submit your name, surname and email address.

Have fun learning with Boowa and Kwala!

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante (eLearning support teacher)

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St Francis School B’Kara http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2010/02/st-francis-school-bkara/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2010/02/st-francis-school-bkara/#comments Sat, 20 Feb 2010 16:54:26 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=1654 Below is the link to St. Francis School B’Kara website. If you access this website and click on “Kid’s Corner” you will find a list of useful websites and resources.

St Francis School

Submitted by Ms Veronique Degabriele Ferrante (ICT Teacher)

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Phonics (Reading Texts) Workbook for Year 2 http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/phonics-reading-texts-workbook-for-year-2/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/phonics-reading-texts-workbook-for-year-2/#comments Fri, 25 Dec 2009 07:43:39 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=671 Phonics03In this article you will find a set of reading texts on phonics. These worksheets focus on reading skills only and may be printed in the form of a workbook. You may download the cover for this workbook by clicking on the following link:

Phonics Front Page – Reading texts

Another workbook has been separately upload. It focuses on writing skills using phonics.

You may also download a set of tricky words. Click on the following link: Tricky words. These words are to be progessively introduced to the children (e.g. 3 to 4 words a week). These words cannot be sounded phonetically so children have to learn them through site reading. As you progress through the reading texts you will find that tricky words have been added progressively to allow children time to learn these words.

You may download the reading texts from the links below:

  1. pgs 01-09 Reading Texts a-z
  2. pgs 10-15 Reading Texts ee, ar, al, sh, ch, th
  3. pgs 16-22 Reading Texts ai, oi, oa, wh, ou, qu, ie, igh, ue
  4. pgs 23-26 Reading Texts a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e

The following are further reading texts which have been provided by FES and by Ms Marthese Cini:

  1. pgs 27-31 Further Reading ‘ch’, ’sh’, ‘ee’, ‘i-e’, ‘th’
  2. pgs 32-50 Further Reading ee oo ch sh ar ou a-e o-e i-e u-e ea igh oi ai

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante



http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/phonics-reading-texts-workbook-for-year-2/feed/ 4
Phonics (Writing) Workbook for Yr 2 http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/phonics-workbook-for-yr-2/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/phonics-workbook-for-yr-2/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2009 20:02:40 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=637 Phonics01In this article you will find a set of worksheets on phonics. These worksheets focus on writing skills and may be printed in the form of a workbook. You may download the cover for this workbook by clicking on the following link: Phonics Front Page

Another workbook has been separately uploaded which focuses on reading texts which the children can read progressively each time a new sound or phoneme is introduced.

A poem has been included which can be used to introduce the basic 26 alphabets sounds.  Click here for the poem: pgs 01 Phonics Ryhme

You may also print the following pages which give a brief description of an action and story that can be used when introducing sounds: pgs 02-06 Letter action and sound

Music01This song may be used when starting a lesson. The song is about the sound and name of the letters of the alphabet. Click on this link to download the song (mp3 version):  Alphabet letter name and sound song

The following are a set of worksheets each focusing on different sounds and phonemes:

  1. pgs 07-08 ‘a’ or ‘e’
  2. pgs 09-11 ‘b’ or ‘d’
  3. pgs 12-13 ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘u’
  4. pgs 14-15 ‘ee’ or ‘i’
  5. pgs 16-27 ‘ar’, ‘all’, ’sh’, ‘ch’, th’, ‘ai’,'oi’, ‘oa’
  6. pgs 28-36 ‘oo’, ‘ee’, ‘ea’, ‘wh’, ai’, ‘th’,'ar’, ‘ou’, ‘ie’, ‘ue’, ‘oa’
  7. pgs 37-47 ‘a-e’, ‘i-e’, ‘o-e’, ‘u-e’
  8. pgs 48-67 Poems

phonics02In pages 48-67 you will find a set of poems. These worksheets have been downloaded from the following site: (click on the link below to visit this site…) 


This website is full of fun related activities. The site allows you to explore different phonemes and also provides printable material.

 Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante

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Maths Workbook for Yr2 (Shape, Space, Measure and Time) http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/maths-workbook-for-yr2-shape-space-measure-and-time/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/maths-workbook-for-yr2-shape-space-measure-and-time/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2009 19:03:03 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=624 Clock FaceIn this article you will find a Maths workbook for year 2 students. This workbook is based on the abacus scheme that is currently being used by all government schools and it focuses on shape, space, measure and time only. Another workbook has been uploaded which focuses on number work . If anyone would like to compile these worksheets in the form of a workbook you may download the front page from the following link:

My maths workbook cover02

The rest of the worksheets are being upload according to the sheme of work adopted by the abacus scheme using D1, D2, etc format.

  1. pgs 01-10 D1-D5 Sorting and Graphs
  2. pgs 11-21 S1-S7 Position and Edges
  3. pgs 22-40 M1-M10 Weight, Days & Months
  4. pgs 41-49 M3 & M4 Time
  5. pgs 50-59 S1 Flat Shapes
  6. pgs 60-71 S3 Solid Shapes

Special thanks goes to Mrs Chircop for her input in preparing this workbook.

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante

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Maths Workbook for Year 2 http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/maths-workbook-for-year-2/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/maths-workbook-for-year-2/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2009 18:47:24 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=599 Maths02In this article you will find a Maths workbook for year 2 students. This workbook is based on the abacus scheme that is currently being used by all government schools and it focuses on number work only. Another workbook has been uploaded which focuses on shape, space, measure and time. If anyone would like to compile these worksheets in the form of a workbook you may download the front page from the following link:

My maths workbook cover01

The rest of the worksheets are being upload according to the sheme of work adopted by the abacus scheme using N1, N2, etc format.

  1. Counting to 20 and number names (pgs 001-006 N1 & N2)
  2. Making 10 (pgs 007-009 N3 & N4)
  3. Take Away (pgs 010-012 N5 & N6)
  4. Counting to 20; in twos; tens and ones (pgs 013-023 N7 & N8 & N9)
  5. Taking away; Number facts to 100 (pgs 024-036 N10 & N11 & N12)
  6. Money; Making 10 (pgs 037-045 N13 & N14)
  7. Counting to 100; before & after (pgs 046-052 N15 & N16)
  8. Story sums (pgs 053-060 N17 & N18 & N19)
  9. Adding 3 numbers; Odd and Even (pgs 061-068 N20 & N21 & N22)
  10. Ordering numbers (pgs 069-075 N23 & N24)
  11. Story sums (pgs 076-085 N25 & N26 & N27)
  12. Counting in tens; Add or Subtract 10 (pgs 086-092 N28 & N29 & N30)
  13. Facts with 10s; Doubling (pgs 093-100 N31 & N32 & N33)
  14. Twos; Ordering; Money (pgs 101-112 N34 – N41)

Special thanks goes to Mrs Chircop for her input in this workbook.

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante

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English Workbook for Year 2 http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/english-workbook-for-year-2/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/english-workbook-for-year-2/#comments Thu, 24 Dec 2009 08:28:14 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=543 writing01In this article you will find a workbook for year 2 students. This workbook has been developed using various themes. If anyone would like to compile these worksheets in the form of a work book you may download the front page and contents by clicking on the following link:

My English workbook cover

Click on  Contents to find a list of all the material you can find in this work book. The contents are divided in the main theme, sub themes, activities and pages where you can find the relevant worksheets.

For this reason I will be uploading the material according to the main themes to make it easier for you to find relevant material.

The first section is about ‘Myself’ since it is ideal to start with content that the children are familiar with during the first term of the scholastic year. This theme is divided in the following sub themes:

  1. My Body (pgs 001-002 My Body)
  2. My Family (pgs 003-006 My Family)
  3. My School (pgs 007-009 My School)
  4. The Vowels – ‘a’ or ‘an’ (pgs 010-013 Vowels)
  5. Friends (pgs 014-015 Friends)
  6. Plurals – ’s’ (pgs 016-018 Plurals ’s’)

The second section is about ‘Autumn’ and this again is divided into other sub themes:

  1. The Weather (pgs 019-021 The Weather)
  2. Plurals – ‘es’ (pgs 022-023 Plurals ‘es’)
  3. Autumn (pgs 024 Autumn)
  4. The Scarecrow (pgs 025 The Scarecrow)
  5. The Wizard of Oz (pgs 026 The wizard of Oz)
  6. Little Cloud (pgs 027 Little Cloud)
  7. Wally and Polly (pgs 027 Wally and Polly)
  8. The Colours (pgs 029-032 The Colours)

The third section focuses on the theme labelled ’Winter’ and this is further divided into the following sub themes:

  1. Winter (pgs 033-035 Winter)
  2. Clothes (pgs 036-039 Clothes)
  3. Christmas (pgs 040-042 Christmas)
  4. Nouns (pgs 043-048 Nouns)

The fourth section is about ‘Farm’ and ‘Wild Animals’ and is divided in the following sub themes:

  1. Farm Animals (pgs 049-052 Farm Animals)
  2. Male and Female (pgs 053-056 Male and Female)
  3. Animal Young (pgs 057-060 Animal Young)
  4. Animal Homes (pgs 061-064 Animal Homes)
  5. Animal Sounds (pgs 065-070 Animal Sounds)
  6. Ants in my Pants (pgs 071 Ants in my Pants)
  7. Wild Animals (pgs 072-076 Wild Animals)
  8. Describing Words (pgs 077-084 Describing words & Opposites)

The fifth section is about ‘Food and Shops’ and this is divided in the following sub themes:

  1. Shops (pgs 085-088 Shops)
  2. Fruit (pgs 089-099 Fruit)
  3. Vegetables (pgs 100-103 Vegetables)

The sixth section is about ‘People who help us’ and is divided in the following sub themes:

  1. People who help us (pgs 104-110 People Who Help Us)
  2. Days of the week (pgs 111-115 Days of the Week)
  3. Snowhite and the seven dwarfs (pgs 116-118 Snowhite)

The seventh section is about ‘Minibeasts’ and this is divided in the following sub themes:

  1. In the Garden (pgs 119-121 In the Garden)
  2. The very Hungry Caterpillar (pgs 122-124 The Very Hungry Caterpillar)
  3. Boastful Frog (pgs 125-126 Boastful Frog)
  4. The Bad Tempered Ladybird (pgs 127-130 The Bad Tempered Ladybird)
  5. Minibeasts (pgs 131-132 Minibeasts)
  6. The Ant in a storm (pgs 133-134 The Ant in a Storm)
  7. Plurals and Verbs (pgs 135-136 Plurals & Verbs)

The last section is about ‘Summer’ since holidays will be at hand. This is sub divided in the following themes:

  1. Summer (pgs 137-141 Summer)
  2. ‘And’ and ‘Because’ (pgs 142-143 And & Because)
  3. Dolphin Facts (pgs 144 Dolphin Facts)
  4. Verbs (pgs 145-149 Action Words)

I hope you will find these worksheets helpful. Special thanks go to Mrs. Louise Chircop and to Ms Alessandra Farrugia who have helped in bulding up these resources.

Submitted by Mrs. Antonella Ferrante

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Ktejjeb ta’ ‘worksheets’ bil-Malti għat-tieni sena http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/ktejjeb-ta-worksheets-bil-malti-ghat-tieni-sena/ http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/2009/12/ktejjeb-ta-worksheets-bil-malti-ghat-tieni-sena/#comments Tue, 08 Dec 2009 14:30:03 +0000 Ferrante http://elresources.skola.edu.mt/?p=35 writingF’dan l-artiklu se ssibu bosta ‘worksheets’ miġbura fi ktejjeb li jista’ jinħadem mit-tfal tat-tieni sena. Dan il-ktejjeb huwa maħdum fuq bosta temi.

 Għal min jixtieq li jiġbor dawn il-’worksheets’ fi ktejjeb tistgħu tniżżlu l-qoxra u l-werrej tal-ktieb minn hawn: (Qoxra-u-Werrej).

Iftaħ il-kontenut (Kontenut) biex issib lista tal-attivitajiet li hemm f’dan il-ktejjeb.

It-temi prinċipali huma mniżżlin fl-ewwel kolonna tal-lista tal-kontenut. Kull tema principali terġa’ tinqassam f’temi sekondarji li huma imniżżlin fit-tieni kolonna tal-lista tal-kontenut. Fit-tielet kolonna wieħed isib l-attivitajiet li jiġu ttratati f’kull tema. Fir-raba’ kolonna wieħed isib il-paġna ta’ fejn jinsabu dawn il-‘worksheets’.

Għalhekk il-worksheets se jiġu mtella’ skond it-tema u l-paġna biex inkun aktar faċċli li tfittxu x-xogħol relevanti għalikom.     

L-ewwel taqsima hi dwar it-tema “Jiena” għaliex fil-bidu tas-sena tajjeb li nibdew ngħallmu lit-tfal f’kuntest li huma familjari miegħu. Din it-taqsima tinqassam f’bosta temi oħra fosthom:

  1. L-alfabet  (pg 001-004 Alfabet)
  2. Partijiet tal-ġisem (pg 005-006 Partijiet tal-gisem)
  3. Il-familja (pg 007-009 Il-familja)
  4. L-iskola (pg 010-011 Skola)
  5. Fil-klassi (pg 012-017 Fil-klassi)

It-tieni taqsima tal-ktejjeb tittratta dwar it-tema “Il-Ħarifa” għax inkunu wasalna f’dan iż-żmien tas-sena. F’din it-taqsima hemm bosta temi, fosthom:

  1. It-temp (pg 018-022 It-temp)
  2. Il-ħarifa (pg 023-024 Il-harifa)
  3. Il-pitirross (pg 025 Il-pitirross)
  4. Il-kuluri (pg 026-030 Il-kuluri)
  5. Ġenerali (pg 031-033 Din, dan, dawn, pg 034 Wiehed jew hafna)

It-tielet taqsima hija dwar “Il-Milied” u hawnhekk wieħed isib dawn it-temi li ġejjin:

  1. Ix-xitwa (pg 035-036 Ix-xitwa)
  2. Il-Milied (pg 037-040 Il-Milied , pg 042-043 Il-Milied _nomi_)
  3. Il-Babuxka (pg 041 Il-Babuxka)
  4. Il-ħwejjeġ (pg 044-046 Il-hwejjeg)

Fir-raba’ taqsima nsibu ħafna materjal dwar “L-Annimali”. Din hija tema li tintlaqa’ tajjeb ħafna mit-tfal u tinqassam f’dawn it-temi:

  1. Annimali fir-razzett (pg 047-049 L-annimali)
  2. Maskil u femminil (pg 050-053 Maskil u femminil)
  3. Iż-żgħar tal-annimali (pg 054-057 Iz-zghar tal-annimali)
  4. Id-djar tal-annimali (pg 058-061 Id-djar tal-annimali)
  5. Ħsejjes tal-annimali (pg 062-065 Il-hsejjes tal-annimali)
  6. Annimali selvaġġi (pg 066-068 Annimali selvaggi)
  7. Niddeskrivu l-annimali (pg 069-071 Niddeskrivu)

Hemm żewġ paġni dwar ”Il-Karnival” u dwar “L-Għid” (pg 072-073 Karnival & L-Ghid)

Fil-ħames taqsima niddiskutu dwar “Il-ħwienet u l-ikel”. Permezz ta’ din it-taqsima, it-tfal jiġu konxji dwar ħwienet differenti u dwar ikel li hu bnin għas-saħħa. Din it-taqsima terġa’ tinqasam hekk:

  1. Ħwienet (pg 074-078 Tal-hanut)
  2. Il-frott (pg 079-085 Il-frott)
  3. Il-ħaxix (pg 086-088 Il-haxix)
  4. Il-piramida tal-ikel (pg 089-090 Il-piramida tal-ikel)

Fis-sitt taqsima nitkellmu dwar “Nies li jgħinuna” biex issa t-tfal isiru jafu aktar dwar in-nies ta’ madwarhom. Nitkellmu ukoll dwar “Il-ġranet tal-ġimgħa” u dwar “Il-Ħin”. Din it-taqsima tinqasam hekk:

  1. Nies li jgħinuna (pg 091-099 Nies li jghinuna)
  2. It-trasport (pg 100 It-trasport)
  3. X’tixtieq isir la tikber? (pg 101-103 Nies li jghinuna)
  4. Il-ġranet tal-ġimgħa (pg 104-105 Il-granet tal-gimgha)
  5. Il-ħin (pg 106-107 Il-hin)

Fis-seba’ taqsima nitkellmu dwar “Ir-Rebbiegħa” u ”Annimal żgħar” li jibdew jidhru fil-ġonna tagħna f’dan iż-żmien sabiħ ta’ matul is-sena. Din it-taqsima tinqasam hekk:

  1. Annimali żgħar (pg 108-112 Annimali zghar)
  2. In-nannakola (pg 113 In-nannakola)
  3. L-artiklu (pg 114 L-artiklu)
  4. Ir-rebbiegħa (pg 115-119 Ir-rebbiegha)

Fl-aħħar taqsima nitkellmu dwar “Is-Sajf” li issa jkun wasal magħna. Din it-taqsima tinqassam hekk:

  1. Is-sajf (pg 120-125 Is-sajf)
  2. Materjal ġenerali li jservi ta’ reviżjoni (pg 126-129 Generali)

Nispera li ssibu dawn il-worksheets ta’ għajnuna għalikom. Ħajr immur lil Mrs. Louise Chircop u lil Ms. Alessandra Farrugia li taw kontribut siewi biex sar dan il-ktejjeb. Ħajr imur ukoll lil Mrs. Rosalba Catania tal-biċċa xogħol li ħadet biex tikkoreġi l-ortografija ta’ dan il-ktejjeb. Grazzi.


Xogħol ta’ Mrs Antonella Ferrante

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