Christmas Powerpoint

nativity01Here I’m posting a powerpoint presentation about Christmas, suitable for year 3 students.  This presentation can be used to generate a conversation about the subject, or as vocabulary lesson.  It can also help the students to write their own sentences.

christmas powerpoint presentation

Submitted by Marthese Baldacchino

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  • Hi Marthese,
    Thanks for sharing the PowerPoint Presentation with us. I am sure that many teachers will use it in their lessons during these days and follow your example to share resources online.
    Best regards,
    Ray Bonnici

  • Marthese Baldacchino

    Dear Ray

    Thanks so much for your comments. Really appreciated. This is a time for sharing… so… I shared this powerpoint presentation with you. Hope that more teachers will do the same. It will make our life in the classroom a little bit easier… Best wishes to all.


  • Thanks for sharing this Power point. It was enjoyed by the students.
    Many happy returns.

  • Rose-anne Camilleri

    Well done Marthese, setting the example is the first step lets hope others will follow suit and thus create more team work so valuable in our work as teachers. Well done especially for your interest in converting the website to a blog this will defenitely be a boost.

    Best wishes…..


  • Well done Marthese. Thanks for shariing this powerpoint with all the teachers.

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