Nintendo DSi in the classroom

Some ideas on the usage of the Nintendo DSi inside the classroom.

The Nintendo DSi in the classroom

Submitted by Rose-anne Camilleri

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  • I’m looking for willing teachers to use Nintendos DSi in class. If there is anyone out there who is interested just drop me a line. Emmanuel Zammit E.O. (e-learning)

  • There are some lesson plans for Professor Layton’s game available for those who are interested.


  • I am very interested in looking into possibilities for engaging the students at Sutherland Elementary in the use of DSi technology. I hope you can give me some information.

    Becky Baskerville

  • I am very interested in using the DSi in the classroom. We have yet to purchase them, so any ideas on the cheapest way to buy 15 or so DSi would also be very helpful.


  • Very intreseted in using DSi in the classroom. Many children already have it and it would be very intresting to put it to good use. I have bought brain training and sigt training for my son. They are very effective.

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