Interactive Whiteboard (Tutorials, Resources, Links)

A list of websites providing tutorials, resources, support and links about Interactive Whiteboards. To access these websites, open the document, from the toolbar click on Slide Show and select View Show. Click on the link you want to follow.

Interactive Whiteboard – Tutorials & Resources

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  • I’ve been looking for days now in order to find a simple way to be able to download youtube videos .
    There are a lot of them including software tools , plugins for firefox , many scripts etc.. Well most of them are ok at doing their work .

    But I will mention a trick that it’s the easiest that I’ve found. This method includes using

    Ok here are the steps involved

    1) visit
    2) get the youtube link of the video you want to download
    3) paste it on tubeleecher web page
    4) press “Download” and save it

    You can watch the video you just downloaded with a flash player.
    Download it here

    I’ve found also a youtube video explaining the whole proccess of getting youtube videos with the method described above.
    Here it is — >

  • Thanks for the link. Far from the basic idea of the chalkboard, an interactive whiteboard is the 21st century version that enables the teacher to connect with the pupils in ways they could only have thought about previously. I think it is a good idea to use

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