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Game Goo – fun, educational games for kids

Check out this really great website containing games to improve reading at the primary age level.  It can be found on the Earobics Foundation website, a foundation aiming to tackle difficulties in reading at Kinder, Early and Junior levels.

“With Earobics, educators have the tools and resources they need to provide flexible classroom instruction for students of all abilities, and help their at-risk learners close the achievement gap before it’s too late.”

The fun, educational games on GameGoo are split in 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, with characters, such as Squanky and Fearless Frieda which will appeal to the children.

How to integrate GameGoo into our teaching:

GameGoo games may be used in the classroom to reinforce literacy and reading.  They compliment any language lesson throughout all the Primary Years.  Moreover, such a website works great on an Interactive Whiteboard.


Submitted by: A Giles (eLearning Teacher)
Website: – a site full of good stuff is another great site full of printable stuff. Educators, especially those teaching in the Kinder and Primary must have a look at this websites. This website has loads of printables which one can use in the classroom. Printables vary from worksheets, role play activities, crafts, certificates, flashcards and much more.

Teachers should register before to be able to print the resources. The registration is FREE.

St Francis School B’Kara

Below is the link to St. Francis School B’Kara website. If you access this website and click on “Kid’s Corner” you will find a list of useful websites and resources.

St Francis School

Submitted by Ms Veronique Degabriele Ferrante (ICT Teacher)

communication4all – A useful site of ready-to-print resources!


A while ago one of my colleagues gave me a link to a website packed of ready-made classroom resources and essentials. We already know that us, teachers, always run on busy schedules full of preparation.

I am sure that whoever uses this sites will find something that suites one’s classroom needs.

The site I am talking about is Communication4all. Teachers can download and print flaschards, boardgames, phonics related material and much more!! All material is very colourful!

This is a screenshot of one of website's pages.

Beside teachers, this website is also handy for Learning Support Assistants taking care of SEN children.

NB: When loading this site some broken images may appear , do not worry, keep refreshing the page from top of the browser.

Submitted by Lucienne Gilson (eLearning Teacher)

Maths Almost Doubles

almost doubles

Doubles plus one. For those children who are having trouble getting these facts.

Submitted by L. Bristow

Maths Doubling

doubles 2+2aThis is a game to practice double facts. Children have to match cones to answer each addition.

Submitted by L. Bristow