Learning Clip contains a collection of  Interactive Whiteboard Resources for teaching primary maths. These interactive activities cover a huge range of mathematical topics and concepts.  Each IWB activity is accompanied by a matching worksheet. Activities are grouped under each respective year and than subcatagorised under units. Although these units may not match maltese schemes of work, the topics covered by each year are very similar.

One has to register to use use this website. Although registration is free, not all activities are free of charge. Subscription is not expensive but if the teacher opt not to pay it is still worth using the free of charge activities.

The interactive activities found in this website are very colourful and easy to use. The thing that fascinated me most is the full screen mode facility, this makes the activity itself to spread out across the whole interactive whiteboard. Those teachers who do not have an Interactive Whiteboard in their school can always use their classroom computers as an alternative.

These activities can be used by the teacher as a starter/plenary activity or as a reinforcement for a particular topic.

Submitted by Lucienne Gilson (eLearning Teacher)

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