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Using Kid Pix

Here are some notes about how to use Kid Pix in class. This is a software where pupils can create pictures, moopies, stampinations or slideshows. This software is found in all Primary and Kinder desktops and Primary teachers’ laptops.

Tux Paint – a painting tool for young kids

Tux Paint is a good open software for kids to create their own pictures. It offers a variety of tools to choose from and the interface is very user friendly. You can find out more how to use it here.

Using PhotoStory

PhotoStory is a software that can be downloaded and installed in your computer. This software is used to create videos with a number of photos or images. Here is a step by step guide for you to follow to be able to use it.

Creating Printable and Online Resources through PrintShop Essentials 11

PrintShop Essentials 11 is a good software installed in all Primary and Kindergarten computers and Primary teachers’ laptop. It can be used to create printable items like flashcards, workcards, greeting cards, labels, charts, banners and others. Simple websites can be created too. Get a copy of the notes here: Creating Printable and Online resources through PrintShop Essentials 11