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St Francis School B’Kara

Below is the link to St. Francis School B’Kara website. If you access this website and click on “Kid’s Corner” you will find a list of useful websites and resources.

St Francis School

Submitted by Ms Veronique Degabriele Ferrante (ICT Teacher)

communication4all – A useful site of ready-to-print resources!


A while ago one of my colleagues gave me a link to a website packed of ready-made classroom resources and essentials. We already know that us, teachers, always run on busy schedules full of preparation.

I am sure that whoever uses this sites will find something that suites one’s classroom needs.

The site I am talking about is Communication4all. Teachers can download and print flaschards, boardgames, phonics related material and much more!! All material is very colourful!

This is a screenshot of one of website's pages.

Beside teachers, this website is also handy for Learning Support Assistants taking care of SEN children.

NB: When loading this site some broken images may appear , do not worry, keep refreshing the page from top of the browser.

Submitted by Lucienne Gilson (eLearning Teacher)

Have a look at this Maths site!



Each of the above 8 Maths topics is extensively covered with related activities in various websites.  Different levels can also be explored.