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Ha jew Hadet

Permezz ta’ din il-karta ta’ tahrig it-tfal mistennija jaqraw is-sentenzi u jaghzlu bejn ‘ha’ u ‘hadet’.

Posted by: Alessandra Farrugia

ha jew hadet

Farm animals

Learning Maltese

Presentation1- Nitgħallmu IE 

This is a part of a power point about Maltese words adapted for a year 1 student  with global delay.

Submitted by Miriam Ellul L.S.A.


sh words

sh words

Powerpoint – Kliem Hbieb (Malti Year 1)

This is a powerpoint presentation about rhyming words for Year 1 level – Kliem Hbieb. Kliem Ħbieb

Fjuri u ghasafar

Hwejjeg voc

Animal Homes PowerPoint

A captivating PowerPoint presentation about animal homes. Can be used for all the early years classes.

Submitted by

Charlene Calleja, Paola A



English Worksheet – Nounshandout1