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Prepositions – halloween

This is a powerpoint presentation about prepositions ideal for year 4 clases.

Click on the link below to download the presentation:

prepositions halloween

Submitted by Mrs L. Chircop

Planets poem

the planets poem ppt

submitted by Louise Chircop


This powerpoint is about indoor and outdoor pollution……..

Indoor & Outdoor

Dun Karm Psaila

Din hija powerpoint interattiva dwar il-Poeta Nazzjonali Dun Karm Psaila.

Studju Soċjali


Pjan tal-lezzjoni:  pjan tal-lezzjoni

Powerpoint:  hargamal-hbieb

The Brave Tailor – Listening Comprehension

Lesson Plan : Lesson Plan

Presentation : THE-BRAVE-TAILOR

Worksheet : Worksheet

Using Paint

Below you can find a lesson on how to use Ms Paint:

Lesson Plan: LP MS Paint

PPT Presentation : Using Microsoft Paint

Handout: Building house

Pajjiżi ta’ Madwarna

L-għan ta’ din il-lezzjoni hu li t-tfal jitgħallmu l-ismijiet ta’ pajjiżi ġirien tagħna u fejn jinsabu fuq il-mappa, kif ukoll l-ismijiet tal-bliet kapitali u l-bnadar ta’ wħud minnhom.  Jitgħallmu wkoll il-pożizzjoni ġeografika tal-gżejjer Maltin.

Pjan tal-lezzjoni: pjan tal-lezzjoni

Powerpoint: pajjizi madwarna

Flashcards: flashcards

Worksheets: bnadar | mohbakelma | mohbakelma(worked)

Eżerċizzji oħrajn (bl-użu tal- Kid Pix): attivita’ 1 | attivita’ 2

Game Goo – fun, educational games for kids

Check out this really great website containing games to improve reading at the primary age level.  It can be found on the Earobics Foundation website, a foundation aiming to tackle difficulties in reading at Kinder, Early and Junior levels.

“With Earobics, educators have the tools and resources they need to provide flexible classroom instruction for students of all abilities, and help their at-risk learners close the achievement gap before it’s too late.”

The fun, educational games on GameGoo are split in 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, with characters, such as Squanky and Fearless Frieda which will appeal to the children.

How to integrate GameGoo into our teaching:

GameGoo games may be used in the classroom to reinforce literacy and reading.  They compliment any language lesson throughout all the Primary Years.  Moreover, such a website works great on an Interactive Whiteboard.


Submitted by: A Giles (eLearning Teacher)

Santa Marija

Santa Marija