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Prepositions – halloween

This is a powerpoint presentation about prepositions ideal for year 4 clases.

Click on the link below to download the presentation:

prepositions halloween

Submitted by Mrs L. Chircop

Planets poem

the planets poem ppt

submitted by Louise Chircop


This powerpoint is about indoor and outdoor pollution……..

Indoor & Outdoor

The Brave Tailor – Listening Comprehension

Lesson Plan : Lesson Plan

Presentation : THE-BRAVE-TAILOR

Worksheet : Worksheet

A School Outing

This power point presentation is an interactive comprehension

A School Outing

Submitted by Darren Bonnici

People who help us (Occupations)

This PowerPoint may be used in conjunction to any lesson on the topic ‘People Who Help Us’ or ‘Occupations’ in the Yr 4 English syllabus. 
People Who Help Us Presentation


People who help us2

Submitted by:
A Giles eLearning Teacher