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Prepositions – halloween

This is a powerpoint presentation about prepositions ideal for year 4 clases.

Click on the link below to download the presentation:

prepositions halloween

Submitted by Mrs L. Chircop

English-My ball

This is a PowerPoint Presentation which can be used during an English lesson.  My ball


This powerpoint is about indoor and outdoor pollution……..

Indoor & Outdoor

Building Language for Literacy


Learn to read with Nina the Naming NewtReggie the Rhyming Rhino and Leo the Letter-Loving Lobster, three original characters created for Building Language for Literacy, who lead children on a language adventure to different places in the community, helping children not only develop language skills, but a sense of the world around them, as well.

“Building Language for Literacy is the definitive early literacy program that equips young children with the critical language and literacy skills and experiences they need to build the foundation for success in reading.”

How to integrate Building Language for Literacy in our teaching:

Nina the Naming Newt” helps students identify places within their community and common items found in those places. This is a wonderful activity to integrate with Social Studies about ‘The World around Us’. Children drag the correct items into the box.  It is a great activity to learn everyday vocabulary.

Leo the Letter-Loving Lobster” activity  helps a small group of students with letter recognition by having pupils choose the letters that match the object. Students can also keep a word dictionary in a notebook and add the new words that they spelled.

Pupils practice their rhyming skills with “Reggie the Rhyming Rhino“.  Pupils choose the words that rhyme in a fun way especially if activity is done on an Interactive Whiteboard.

All activities may be worked out on an Interactive Whiteboard.

Read about more ideas on how to integrate these activities in the following link: http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=7615

Submitted by: A Giles (eLearning Teacher)
Website:  http://theeteacher.wordpress.com/

Meet her at Dover_TierC

The tortoise catcher_level C

The tortoise-cathcer_level A+B

The glorious whitewasher

The glorious whitewasher_Tier A+B

A drive in the motor-car (tier C)

A drive in the motor-car_Tier C

A drive in the motor-car (tier A,B)

A drive in the motor-car_TierA+B