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Boowa and Kwala… A site full of fun, games and activities

The following website (http://boowakwala.com/) is a fun packed site full of games, songs and activities suitable for kinder classes and early years.

Boowa and Kwala, the main characters featured in this website, accompany the  children in the various activities.The site is available in English and French, so login using the
English version (click on the icon as displayed below)    

The site offers a number of options to choose from:  

 In the presentation section children meet the main characters and get to know them. This section also provides some games such as finding the differences in pictures, jigsaw puzzles about the character’s family, their family photo album, etc.

In the 818 games section you can find games dealing with various topics including stories, animations, songs, musical games, jigsaws and shapes just to mention a few. Browse through this section for more fun and activities.

From the songs section teachers have 94 songs to choose from. The songs are short and can be used to introduced topics to children or just to add some fun to the lessons. With early years songs can act as a breather for children to refresh their concentration.

In the Around the World section one can find a number of stories. These stories are narrated sentence by sentence. The children may listen to the narration over and over again. These stories may be used to expose the children to vocabulary or to introduce particular topics covered in class.

The site offers colouring pages that can be printed. Another interesting section is the galleries section. Here teachers can upload children’s work on the website. However to do so you must first register yourself with the website. All it takes is to create an accound and submit your name, surname and email address.

Have fun learning with Boowa and Kwala!

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante (eLearning support teacher)