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Maths Workbook for Yr2 (Shape, Space, Measure and Time)

Clock FaceIn this article you will find a Maths workbook for year 2 students. This workbook is based on the abacus scheme that is currently being used by all government schools and it focuses on shape, space, measure and time only. Another workbook has been uploaded which focuses on number work . If anyone would like to compile these worksheets in the form of a workbook you may download the front page from the following link:

My maths workbook cover02

The rest of the worksheets are being upload according to the sheme of work adopted by the abacus scheme using D1, D2, etc format.

  1. pgs 01-10 D1-D5 Sorting and Graphs
  2. pgs 11-21 S1-S7 Position and Edges
  3. pgs 22-40 M1-M10 Weight, Days & Months
  4. pgs 41-49 M3 & M4 Time
  5. pgs 50-59 S1 Flat Shapes
  6. pgs 60-71 S3 Solid Shapes

Special thanks goes to Mrs Chircop for her input in preparing this workbook.

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante