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Phonics (Reading Texts) Workbook for Year 2

Phonics03In this article you will find a set of reading texts on phonics. These worksheets focus on reading skills only and may be printed in the form of a workbook. You may download the cover for this workbook by clicking on the following link:

Phonics Front Page – Reading texts

Another workbook has been separately upload. It focuses on writing skills using phonics.

You may also download a set of tricky words. Click on the following link: Tricky words. These words are to be progessively introduced to the children (e.g. 3 to 4 words a week). These words cannot be sounded phonetically so children have to learn them through site reading. As you progress through the reading texts you will find that tricky words have been added progressively to allow children time to learn these words.

You may download the reading texts from the links below:

  1. pgs 01-09 Reading Texts a-z
  2. pgs 10-15 Reading Texts ee, ar, al, sh, ch, th
  3. pgs 16-22 Reading Texts ai, oi, oa, wh, ou, qu, ie, igh, ue
  4. pgs 23-26 Reading Texts a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e

The following are further reading texts which have been provided by FES and by Ms Marthese Cini:

  1. pgs 27-31 Further Reading ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘ee’, ‘i-e’, ‘th’
  2. pgs 32-50 Further Reading ee oo ch sh ar ou a-e o-e i-e u-e ea igh oi ai

Submitted by Mrs Antonella Ferrante